Before we get into our rates we want you to know that we put a high value on our creativity, but as you know running a business involves plenty of operating, capital and insurance costs.  

Yes we are insured!

Camera Rates

Camera Package A - $750.00 per day 

Broadcast Camera 4:2:2: 1080i/p tripod, field lights, camera lights, batteries, Seinheiser wireless lav microphone, compact flash cards, field monitor and of course the camera operator.

We have access to a wide range of cameras call us for pricing we will always give you an amazing deal.

Now the small print.

  1. Both above packages are portal to portal, meaning door to door because the camera operators have to test, load and unload gear.
  2. There is a minimum 3 hour call.
  3. No charge for cancellation within 72 hours.
  4. 50% charge within 48 hours.
  5. And because all our camera crews are freelance and are continually being booked there will be a full charge if cancelled 24 hours before the shoot date.
  6. Parking is extra as per submitted receipts.
  7. Outside city of Toronto .50 per km.
  8. Outside city of Toronto  there is  a per diem (inquire)
  9. And there are no other charges for our great team players who are both funny and handsome. Just ask them they will tell you..

Editing Rates

Editing Package -$100 per hour (Canadian)

We edit on Adobe Creative Cloud Premiere Pro. Our rates include copyright licensed music unlimited, unlimited graphics. Includes upload and rendering time. 

Now the small print again.

  1. All media costs are extra and are based on suggested retail price. Or you can BYOM.
  2. Courier costs are extra, if overseas or in the Caribbean we have many volunteers who will gladly deliver it personally.
  3. Our crews are not only great people but they are highly experienced in their craft and travel nationally and internationally, we speak many languages and hold both Canadian and UK Passports.  They are Visa ready for any European Country 
  4. We are very experienced with decades of field shooting  and producing  for the corporate sector.  

Social Media

We can post on your social media site pictures of the production in progress or not, its up to you.  Its free for the asking.