About Us

Videocam Productions started in 1984 serving the video needs of both broadcast and corporate television. Today we continue to serve local, national and international television networks,  in addition to assisting corporate Fortune 500 Companies with their video production requirements.

We utilize a wide array of professional broadcast cameras to fit the requirements of the client.  We can also provide aerial both video and photography support with a wide variety of unmanned aerial vehicles that we own and operate.  For larger aerial requirements we can  provide heli support with a  Wescam.

We edit on Adobe Premiere Pro and we can edit both on site or at our offices.   We can VPN raw or finished product to anywhere in the world.

We also have access to satellite uplinks, Dejaro or direct fibre for live hits or we can send material your VPN.  We specialize in live events and double enders and we cover all major sports such as NHL, AHL, MLB, NBA, MLS.  We can provide strong support to visiting broadcasters who  require  a crew saving on travel and other costs.  Our crews are both familiar with the cities we work in including all the media press rooms and personnel.

Our camera operators are highly talented and are experienced visionaries who work with all our clients as a creative team and  not just as a photographer.