Videocam Productions started in 1984 serving the video needs of both broadcast and corporate television.  Today we continue to serve a mix of local, national and international television networks in addition to Fortune 500 Companies. 

We have access to wide array of cameras to fit needs of our clients we can also provide aerial video and photography support with unmanned aerial vehicles that we own an operate.  

We edit on Premiere Pro either on site or at our offices.  We also have access to satellite or cellular uplinks such as,  Dejaro, LiveView or even direct fibre  for live hits or for sending video material.

We can provide video support to visiting broadcasters who require a crew that is familiar with the city and all the various press conference rooms in all the Toronto sports venues. 

Our camera operators are highly experienced and talented professionals who work closely with our clients.  We are not just as videographers but we are creative specialists.

Our finished product can be outputted to match the needs of broadcasters and any corporate social media applications.

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Our Services

Our company offers many different services


Our camera operators have over 20 years experience in covering news, sports and producing corporate videos.  They are professional,  fast and there quality is of a broadcast standard with proper lighting and camera composition.

We also have three pilots who have completed both ground and pilot school for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones).

Technical Manager

Extensive internatnational experience technical producing for major sporting events ensuring connectivity, quality and sustainability.


We utilize the full range of adobe creative cloud programs with the focus in Premiere Pro and After Effects.  We are also licensed for videoblocks, audioblocks and graphic stock thereby saving the client time and money.

Director of Photography

We have both award winning Camera Oerators and Director of Photographers across Canada, United States of America and Ireland

Words From Our Customers

I was lucky enough to work with John this summer on several PGA Tour Canada events in Ontario. He was a tireless cameraman who did a fantastic job shooting the final two rounds of each event.  He went above and beyond to get some great shots for our broadcasts while also keeping his approach and attitude professional with everyone he worked with.

I would recommend John for any projects that require his skill set. He has a great eye for what works and what doesn't work.

Phil Williams

Presentation Coordinator at TSN - The Sports Network